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Phil Vernon created AETHM MUSIC in 2003 to publish The Ballad of Percy Schmeiser, a CD Single about the Saskatchewan canola farmer who went to court to fight the agribusiness giant Monsanto. GE Free, a second release celebrating genetically-engineered crop-free zones around the world was produced by Bill Henderson, followed by Something's In The Garden, a song about Terminator seeds. The three songs now form the EP GE Free, produced as a fund-raiser for GE Free BC and available HERE.

In 2007, after his first trip to East Africa, Phil used ÆTHM MUSIC to release in Canada an album of songs written and performed by young women and men living in Kibera, a sprawling slum outside Nairobi, Kenya. From sales of the CD he was able to manufacture additional copies of the CD and deliver them to the Kibera Music and Media Project on his second trip to Kenya. Since then he's manufactured more copies to sell in North America, available at the recordings; all proceeds go the Kibera Music and Media Programme.