GE Free

Phil Vernon © 2005

Well it started in Ukiah
Just a little northern California town
With just a few determined people
And you know they brought the whole county 'round

Going door to door with their petition
Holding meetings and talking on the phone
That's how the County of Mendecino
Became the USA's first GE-free zone! ...and now they're

   GE-free - safe food and strong community
   GE-free - that's the way... that's the way it should be!

Now those farmers 'way Down Under
From what I hear, they're clear on what to do
They know they'd lose international markets
If genetic seed technology goes through

Put to the test in West Australia
The biggest farm state in that southern land
They got their government to pass a law
And now commercial GE crops have been banned ... and now they're

   Peasant farmers in Venezuela
   Fight the pressure from Monsanto
   This is our land - they tell their presidente
   Now Monsanto's plan is terminado

From Powell River out to Brooklin, Maine
We're gonna be GE-free from coast to coast!
From the farm field to the kitchen table
Let's work together to protect what matters most

All the power behind technology
Cannot surpass what our grassroots can do!
And when we say "No!" to GMOs
Then our vision for the future's that much closer to coming true! ...and we'll be

Chorus (2X)
   ...that's the way, Mendecino...
   that's the way, West Australia...
   that's the way, Venezuela...
   that's the way, Powell River... That's the way it should be!